Bhagavad Gita: 7. Knowledge and Enlightenment


Knowledge and Enlightenment

The Supreme Lord said: O Arjuna, listen how you shall know Me fully without any doubt, with your mind absorbed in Me, taking refuge in Me, and performing yogic practices. (7.01) I shall impart you Selfknowledge, together with enlightenment, after comprehending that nothing more remains to be known in this world. (7.02) Scarcely one out of thousands of persons strives for perfection of Self-realization. Scarcely one among those successful strivers truly understands Me.(7.03)

Definitions of matter, consciousness, and spirit
The mind, intellect, ego, ether, air, fire, water, and earth are the eightfold transformation (or division) of My material energy (Prakriti). (See also 13.05) (7.04) The material energy is My lower Nature. My other higher Nature is Spirit (Purusha) by which this entire universe is sustained, O Arjuna. (7.05) Know that all creatures have evolved from this twofold energy; and I --- the Supreme Being (ParaBrahma, Krishna) ---am the source of origin, as well as dissolution of thee ntire universe. (See also 13.26) (7.06)

The Supreme spirit is the basis of everything
There is nothing higher than Me, O Arjuna. Everything in the universe is strung on Me, the Supreme Being, like jewels are strung on the thread (of a necklace). (7.07) O Arjuna, I am the rapidity in the water, I am the radiance in the sun and the moon, the sacred syllable ‘OM’ in all the Vedas, the sound in the ether, and potency in human beings. I am the sweet fragrance in the earth. I am the heat in the fire, the life in all living beings, and the austerity in the ascetics. (7.08-09) O Arjuna, know Me to be the eternal seed of all creatures. I am the intelligence of the intelligent and the brilliance of the brilliant. (See also 9.18 and 10.39). I am the strength of the strong who is devoid of lust and attachment. I am lust (Cupid) in human beings that is in accord with righteousness(Dharma) (for the sacred and sole purpose of procreation after marriage), O Arjuna. (7.10-11) Know that three modes (Gunas) of material Nature --- goodness, passion, and ignorance --- also emanate from Me. I am not dependent on, or affected by, the Gunas, but the Gunas are dependent on Me. (See also 9.04 and 9.05)(7.12) Human beings are deluded by the various aspects of these three Gunas of material Nature; therefore, they do not know Me, who is eternal and above these Gunas.(7.13)

Who seeks God?
This divine power (Māyā) of Mine, consisting of three Gunas of material Nature, is very difficult to overcome. Only those who surrender unto Me easily crossover this Māyā. (See also 14.26, 15.19, and 18.66)(7.14)
The evil doers, the ignorant, the lowest persons who are attached to demonic nature and whose power of discrimination has been taken away by divine illusive power (Māyā) do not worship or seek Me. (7.15)

Four types of virtuous ones worship or seek Me, OArjuna. They are: The distressed, the seeker of Self knowledge, the seeker of wealth, and the enlightened one who has experienced the Supreme. (7.16) Among them the enlightened devotee, who is ever united with Me and whose devotion is single-minded, is the best, because I am very dear to the enlightened, and the enlightened is very dear to Me. (7.17) All these seekers are indeed noble, but I regard the enlightened devotee as My very Self. One who is steadfast becomes one with Me and abides in My supreme abode. (See also 9.29)(7.18)

After many births the enlightened one resortsto Me by realizing that everything is, indeed, My (orSupreme Being’s) manifestation. Such a great soul isvery rare. (7.19)

Persons whose discernment has beencarried away by various desires, impelled by their Kārmicimpression (Samskāra), resort to celestial controllersand practice various religious rites. (7.20)

God can be seen in an image of any desired form of worship
Whosoever desires to worship whatever deity (using any name, form, and method) with faith, I make their faith steady in that very deity. Endowed with steady faith, they worship that deity and obtain their wishes through that deity. Those wishes are, indeed, granted only by Me. (7.21-22)

Such material gains of these less intelligent human beings are temporary. The worshipers of celestial controllers go to celestial controllers, but My devotees certainly come to Me. (7.23) The ignorant ones --- unable to understand My immutable, incomparable, incomprehensible, and transcendental form (or existence) --- assume that I, the Supreme Being, am formless and take forms.(7.24) Concealed by My divine power (Māyā), I do not reveal Myself to the ignorant ones, who do not know and understand My unborn, eternal, and transcendental form and personality (and consider Me formless). (7.25) I know, O Arjuna, the beings of the past, of the present, and those of the future, but no one really knows Me. (7.26) All beings in this world are in utter ignorance due to delusion of pairs of opposites born of likes and dislikes, O Arjuna. But persons of unselfish deeds, whose Karma or sin has come to an end, become free from the delusion of pairs of opposites and worship Me with firm resolve. (7.27-28) Those who strive for freedom from the cycles of birth, old age, and death by taking refuge in Me fully comprehend Brahma (or Eternal Being), the nature of Brahma, and Karma, the power of Brahma. (7.29) The steadfast persons who know Me alone as the basis of all --- mortal beings, Divine Beings, and the Supreme Being --- even at the time of death, attain Me. (See also 8.04) (7.30)